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Before determining if you will be invited to meet with the Committee on Academic Standing, it will be necessary for you to complete this form and return it to the Undergraduate Advising Center within 48 hours of receiving it. When you have completed all the information requested, hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. If the Committee approves you for a meeting, you will be contacted by someone in the Undergraduate Advising Center within two business days of our receiving your form.

Student Name

Student ID

Phone Number

Email Address

What is the specific academic rule that caused you to be dismissed?

Is there a reason why you should not have been dismissed?

If yes, please indicate below the specific reasons why you should not have been dismissed (if it was due to a grade not being reported accurately or in a timely fashion, please include the course involved).

Why did you do so poorly in your academic work causing you to be dismissed?

This may be any of a variety of reasons including: inadequate time devoted to study, poor study habits, test anxiety, illness, part-time job, extracurricular activities, family issues, etc. Be very specific and be prepared to provide documentation for reasons such as illness.

What are you planning to do differently to prevent being dismissed again?

This is a critical question. In order for reinstatement to be considered, we must understand very specifically what steps you are planning to take to remedy the problems that caused your difficulty. A general statement such as “I’m going to study harder” is not a sufficient response. We are looking to hear what learning strategies you plan to employ, what new resources you plan to try, what organizational system you will use, etc. In other words, how exactly are you going to go about being a college student on a daily basis that will lead to significantly more academic success than this last term?

If reinstated, what plans do you have for next term?

If classes, which classes do you plan to take next?

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