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Drexel University STEM GK-12 2013 Teacher Fellow Application

Important Dates: There is a rolling application deadline from April 1 through June 14. Interviews will begin the week of May 6 and run through June 21.  Teacher selections will be made by June 28. 

Program Goals:  This innovative program forms Educational Teams of Drexel engineering graduate students (GK-12 Graduate Student Fellows) and teachers from the School District of Philadelphia (GK-12 Teacher Fellows) to collaborate in identifying and designing engineering/technology based supportive classroom materials to enhance the math and science education of high school students through the context of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges, while concurrently illustrating the global nature of these societal issues.  

Please Note:  In summer 2013, the GK-12 Teacher Fellow will complete a two-week development program on Drexel University’s campus at the beginning of August with a GK-12 Graduate Student Fellow.  Additionally, Teacher Fellows and their Graduate Student Fellow will be expected to spend a minimum of ten hours per week during the academic year on work related to the GK-12 program.

Application Requirements

To be considered for the NSF GK-12 program at Drexel University, you must...

  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Be available for the following commitments over the summer
    • two-week development program working with a GK-12 Graduate Student Fellow at the beginning of August
  • Upload the following materials in a zipped archive as part of your application below  |  what does this mean?
    • A copy of your resume
    • Complete the following essay questions:
      • Essay #1: Please, describe why you want to participate in the GK-12 program (250 word minimum).
      • Essay #2: Please, describe any math or science professional development you in which you have participated.
      • Essay #3: Please, describe how your teaching will benefit from and contribute to the GK-12 program (250 word minimum).
  • Complete the application below


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Other Information

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