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Computing for Power and Energy Application

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 22.

We will make every effort to have decisions sent via email by Friday, March 2.

Application Requirements

To be considered for the CPE program, you must...

  • be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • be a current engineering, physics or mathematics undergraduate student with a 2.8 GPA or higher
  • upload the following materials in a zipped archive (please, include your last name in the file name of the zip file and each file within the zip file - for example:  resume_smith) as part of your application below  |  what does this mean?
    • a copy of your resume
    • a copy of your official or unofficial transcript
    • choose between writing an essay (500 word max) or uploading a video (3 minute max) on one of the topics described at the end of the application below
    • please select your file using the button in the section below titled File containing your supplemental materials
  • submit one (maximum two) recommendation letter via email attachment by March 7 to Program Manager, Jessica Ward at jward@ece.drexel.edu - letters should be directly submitted by the recommenders and include the applicant's name in the file name (for example:  LoR_John Smith)
  • complete the application below

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File Size: 8000KB Maximum

File Types: .zip
* Required

Uploading your supplemental materials

Why am I being asked up upload my files as a zipped archive?

Most computers have the ability to create and open zip files.  A zip file is a container file that compresses the contents to allow faster upload times and easier handling.  For more information on how to create a zip file, you can look at the walkthroughs on the following sites:  eHow  |  Microsoft  |  Apple  |  PCMech


What is expected in my essay/video?

This is your chance to contribute to a greener world with your existing engineering background through computing, experimenting and simulations in a research setting.

Answer one of the following depending on your prior experience in research:

  • If you have had previous experience in research, how has your previous research experience prepared you personally and professionally for a new, challenging project in Computing for Power and Energy?
  • If you have not had previous experience in research, what about this REU opportunity most excites you in terms of your own personal and professional interests?